The Charter of Democracy - Dr. Benish Khan

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Dr. Benish Khan, a historian of adept expertise, delves deeply into Pakistan's constitutional, political, and historical landscapes. Her profound understanding also extends to Pakistan's external relations with the Middle Eastern region. Evidenced by her doctoral dissertation, which explores the historical interactions between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, her research interests encompass a multitude of facets. Her accomplishments, including an MSc and MPhil in history, have paved the way for her to embark on a doctoral journey, and her contributions extend to research articles published by institutions such as the HEC and other esteemed international research journals.


The book bears significant relevance in comprehending the political culture of Pakistan, where allegations persist that the establishment has wielded power, both directly and indirectly, for over seven decades. This circumstance has emerged due to multifaceted reasons, primarily attributed to the absence of solidarity among political parties. The Charter of Democracy stands as a monumental achievement in Pakistan's historical narrative. Dr. Beenish Khan has provided detailed insights into the process by which political parties arrive at an understanding of the agreement's significance. They committed to sidestepping internal conflicts and, instead, autonomously resolving disagreements. Prominent Pakistani political figures like Benazir Bhutto and Mian Nawaz Sharif, alongside other stakeholders, took this decision intending to nurture an enriched political culture and fortify democracy. This strategy aimed to counteract external influences, particularly those from the establishment, that might otherwise fragment political parties or disrupt political procedures. Undoubtedly, this book is poised to spark constructive debates and discussions concerning Pakistan's political history.

Prof. Dr Muhammad Iqbal Chawla (Historian)


Dr. Benish Khan has achieved a remarkable feat by presenting a comprehensive treatise on the dynamics of democracy in Pakistan. Her work adeptly elucidates the pivotal role played by political actors who serve as the driving forces behind Pakistan's democratic framework. This book holds substantial value for a wide range of readers, including politicians, researchers, legal professionals, judges, media practitioners, students, and individuals preparing for competitive examinations.

Dr. Zahid Mahmood, PhD (Commissioner IRS)

Title: The Charter of Democracy: A Covenant by Powerless Politicians
Author: Dr. Benish Khan
Subject: Politics
ISBN: 9693535383
Language: English
Number of Pages: 180
Year of Publication: 2023
Format: Paperback