The Frozen Lake - Mazhar Nisar

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‘The Frozen Lake’ is the second collection of my English poems. The first, titled ‘The Mahogany Junction,’ was published in 2017. The feedback from critics and poetry lovers was overwhelming enough to stay with me and to inspire the compilation of poems I had penned from 2018 to 2022.

It has been a beautiful journey; a labour of love. The voyage made me travel far and wide within myself and beyond in the quest to understand and unravel the mysteries of nature, of complex human emotions, and experiences.

This collection contains 40 poems based on a variety of themes including life, mysticism, love, and a yearning for harmony amongst humans and their co-existence with non-humans.


From Harris Khalique:

The Frozen Lake' is a fresh collection of poems by Mazhar Nisar. Fresh as in new and fresh and supple in its aesthetic treatment. What one finds at play in many of the poems is that the serenity of the natural environment - lakes, mountains, birds, moon - felt and celebrated by the poet seems to succeed in overpowering his inner angst. But the inner angst of an artist like Nisar can ever be overpowered? It returns howlingly on occasions and reclaims the mind and heart of the poet. This interplay between angst and serenity, despondency and hope, silence and sounds, light and dark, keeps one riveted from the first poem until the last. Through this collection, Mazhar Nisar yet again reminds his readers that he is one of the most powerful creative voices in Pakistani Anglophone poetry.

Title: The Frozen Lake
Author: Mazhar Nisar
Subject: Poetry
ISBN: 9693534727
Language: English
Number of Pages: 96
Year of Publication: 2023